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Historic town hall becomes World Heritage Centre

In Goslar, ACS is carrying out extensive investigations and desalination measures at the historic town hall.

In 1992 the Rammelsberg ore mine and the old town of Goslar were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On August 1, 2010, the Upper Harz water management company will also be added to the list of cultural and natural heritage sites, thus extending the World Heritage Site "Rammelsberg Mine and the Old Town of Goslar". The award makes the testimony of the mining industry and the city history of Goslar one of the most valuable cultural monuments in Germany. Now the historic town hall in the heart of the old town is being converted into a World Heritage Centre. ASC has now been commissioned to carry out extensive investigations on the south façade and the sculptural decoration. This includes a mapping of the existing damage and measures, the definition of measures and the investigation of the coloration of the facade and its decorative elements. Also the desalination of the representative staircase with balcony, by a specially developed desalination technique, will be carried out soon.

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