• Wanja Wedekind

Heritage training and materials for Tuff Stone restoration

Berlin: The tuff from the Volcanic Eifel to the west of Frankfurt was and is a popular building stone and has been used throughout Germany and neighbouring countries since the development of the railway.

Numerous buildings in Berlin that shape the cityscape have also been built with tuff from the Volcanic Eifel (Fig. 1). These include the Charlottenburg Gate and the Memorial Church. The material is of excellent quality and has a very good insulating effect.

The Second World War, environmental pollution and faulty restoration treatments like hydrophobization (Fig. 3 a) have often led to the building stone showing signs of damage in many places.

ACS has developed a concept for the restoration of tuff stone. This includes cleaning (Fig. 2), crack bonding, needling and reinforcement with fibreglass rods (Fig. 3 e and f) and a restoration mortar specially developed for tuff (Fig. 3 b - d and f).

For the restoration of a Wilhelminian-style building, ACS has now carried out a training course with the commissioned craftsman's company to determine all necessary measures.

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