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Conserving Petra: Lecture at SXNCH2020 online-symposium

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

The ancient rock city of Petra in Jordan is a fascinating place and is rightly considered a hotspot for both culture and nature lovers. But even this special place has to struggle with weathering and decay. For a long time the intense pitting corrosion-like weathering forms were attributed to the abrasive effect of winds. And wind and weather cannot be changed, of course.

However, this simplified explanation led to the attitude that it was not possible to intervene in terms of conservation - with the consequence that the rock facades are largely left to themselves - until today.

Today we know this better, also because of our studies. For about 20 years now, we have been working on various projects to preserve this historic site. In our lecture we will present the main damage mechanisms that threaten the historic city and how to take effective countermeasures in a simple and targeted manner.

No expensive special materials are necessary to protect and preserve this special site of world heritage. Bedouins and people of the urban population of Wadi Mousa, who have already been trained under qualified conservators, will be able to preserve this outstanding heritage site.of human history for themselves, their children and all of humanity.

Our lecture will take place due to the breakout room "Jordanian Heritage", Mon 7th Dec 2020, 12:00-14:00 (UTC).

SXNCH is a free, two-day, online symposium for knowledge exchange and networking on the conservation, management, and future prospects of heritage sites at the intersection of nature and culture and will take place December 07-08. The aim is to bring together interest groups from heritage sites facing a similar set of challenges and build a network to find synergistic approaches and improve resilience. Petra, Jordan provides a model for a complex set of challenges faced by large, rock-hewn, UNESCO world heritage sites, which will build the theme of this first symposium. Register for free!

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