• Wanja Wedekind

Illustrated glossary of effects of war and deterioration

Updated: Jan 29

ACS was involved as a consultant in the compilation of an illustrated glossary of war and weathering-related damage.

The catalogue of damage primarily refers to the typical damage patterns observed in Aleppo and is published and developed by the Syrian Heritage Archive.

The publication states: "The illustrated glossary focuses on the description and definition of damage to building structures (as a generalizing term), which refers to changes that threaten a building as a whole or impair the preservation/longevity of its components. The glossary should be a valuable means of reference, a means of communication among those working in the field, a help in professional education and work. In this context, it is of primary importance to set up a common language; if degradation patterns can be shown, named and described, then they can be recognized and compared with similar ones in a more accurate way in further investigations.

The glossary is based on a selected word list of the most important technical terms in the field of monument conservation including a brief definition of the single phenomenon and information useful and required for the full understanding of each condition issue and its associated term. It includes images for each condition type and illustrates a term accurately and without the need for further explanation; the term as it is defined as an individual element within a built object. As a consequence, the terms do not relate to the description of the deterioration of a stone masonry structure as a whole."

The illustrated glossary as well as other documents can be download here.

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